Health benefits of consuming organic foods and whether they are myth or fact

Why are so many pointing out the health benefits of eating organic foods these days? It’s because the toxins in synthetic and non-organic foods are the cause of many diseases and cancers in my opinion, as are the opinions of many other scientists and doctors. Many people are now being careful about what they eat because the idea that artificial colors, preservatives and pesticides do nothing but harm the body is a growing awareness. Some feel that people who are trying to avoid synthetic chemicals are being too cautious, but if you think about it, if you take away the small portion of food that was actually in non-organic foods and the only substances left were these seemingly harmless chemicals, I doubt anyone would willingly eat or drink the mass of slush he left behind.

Toxins are known to interfere with cellular activity. Multiple processes take place in the cell and in the body to keep the cells healthy, which in essence keeps a person in the best possible health. Toxic substances interfere by damaging or modifying vital enzymes essential for the life of the cell. This is extremely harmful to an individual’s health. This is not my opinion, but a fact. Most people think that if a substance doesn’t do obvious harm right away, then it isn’t toxic. But chemistry isn’t that simple, and the body’s constant bombardment with chemicals that nature never intended the human body to encounter could negatively impact cellular processes over time. It’s just a slower type of poisoning.

There are many intelligent and credible public figures who speak out about the health benefits of eating organic foods. Many doctors, scientists and health gurus are slowly but surely coming to an agreement that the current lifestyle of Americans and people in Western European countries is to blame for the almost astronomical number of people getting sick.

Noted health and fitness expert Jack Lalanne, born in 1914 and currently in his 90s, is renowned for his vast knowledge and accomplishments in health matters. His motto on his health is “If man made it, don’t eat it”. Organic food is, for the most part, free from artificial and man-made elements. Seeing that Jack and his wife are 90 years old and still exercising every morning and doing whatever they want, and also that he lives only on organic food, all I’m thinking at this point is I want to eat whatever he’s eating!

The purity and reliability of organic food is always questioned by the opposing crowd, but I always ignore it because having a father who worked for one of the best organic farmers in the country gives me the privilege of knowing firsthand that agriculture organic is legitimate. There’s always a bad apple or two in every industry, but most organic farmers have deep concerns about soil quality, food quality, and purity. They want to produce organic food using methods that are in harmony with nature. This is why the popularity of organic food is on the rise, and also why many are convinced that there are numerous health benefits to be had from consuming organic food.

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