Soul Food Recipes – 3 embarrassing cooking mistakes and how to fix them

Soul food recipes can help make your life easier in the kitchen. They help you avoid the trial-and-error frustrations our great-grandmother had to deal with. She often tries dishes for months or years to get the right result. Thanks to today’s recipes we can take advantage of the work and effort of others and enjoy the tasty results and time-saving benefits.

But regardless of the obvious benefits, cooking mistakes can still happen when trying to follow a recipe you’ve been dying to try. I get a lot of letters from readers who are confused as to why a certain recipe didn’t go well. On closer inspection it is normally one of the 3 mistakes I will list in this article. In fact, if you make sure you avoid making these 3 mistakes, your recipe will have a 75% chance of succeeding.

However, if you make one of these mistakes, your pot will have a 75% chance of being wrong. Or, bland, tasteless, dry, or generally inedible.

1. Action words are missing. Many times people go through the ingredients they will need for the recipe with a fine toothed comb. But they will often miss one or more action words or verbs on the menu. For example, chop, dice, mince, fold, simmer, etc. They will boil quickly instead of simmering or dice instead of mince. They will often miss out on a small detail that could change the integrity, taste and overall outcome of their dish.

2. Not fully understanding cooking terms. You can trace many errors back to this basic error. Not knowing what a specific action term means. If a recipe calls for you to broil and you thought it said boil. Or stir when the recipe says to whip, especially if you’re making a topping, the result won’t be satisfying. A good tip is to simply keep a dictionary nearby, if you are unsure of a term, look it up. Better to spend 2 minutes looking up a term you’re not sure about than waste time making a bad recipe mistake.

3. Not controlling the temperature This is a problem, although it may seem obvious at first glance. A large percentage of recipe errors happen due to temperature issues. One point to keep in mind is to realize that many ovens heat differently due to calibration, altitude, and other factors. So, after making sure you’ve set the temperature correctly, make sure you check your food often.

As you follow these simple but important fixes, you’ll begin to gain more confidence in soul food recipes and experience more successful recipes without fail.

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